East Valley Boys Service Club (EVBSC) is a non-profit philanthropic organization dedicated to providing young men, in 6th through 12th grades, and their parents the opportunity to become involved in community service.

EVBSC was founded in 2005 in Tempe, Arizona.  Over 175 boys and their parents are members and volunteer well in excess of 4,000 hours per year to our philanthropies.


Mission Statement
The East Valley Boys Service Club is committed to providing philanthropic opportunities to young men and their parents in order to foster the lifelong desire to give back to their community.


1. Serve the Community
Establish an appreciation for diversity and develop a sense of social responsibility by volunteering time and talents to EVBSC philanthropies.

2. Develop Personal Growth
Build self-esteem and a generous spirit by giving of themselves and their time.

3. Strengthen Relationships
Strengthen family bonds and create lifelong friendships.


Prospective Members

The enrollment period for East Valley Boys Service Club 2019-2020 is now OPEN. Applications for membership shall be accepted only during this annual enrollment period.  Enrollment for 2019-2020 is open now through 4/26/19. 
New Member Packet

Do you have a brother who has been a member? You are a Legacy and will need to complete the Renewal Packet below. 

Existing Member Renewal

The renewal period for East Valley Boys Service Club 2019-2020 is now Open.  Enrollment for 2019-2020 is due 4/26/19. Please complete this Renewal Packet

Volunteers fill a vital need in our communities.  The following provides some feedback from two of our philanthropies:


Kyrene Resource Center

"..., I continue to be impressed with the commitment and creativity of the volunteers coming to us from the East Valley Boys Service Club.  THANK YOU for having Kyrene be the focus of such great energy!"

Jim Steinkamp
Kyrene Foundation President

City of Tempe Park Beautification

EVBSC at Kiwanis park was presented with a certificate from the City of Tempe.  We were nominated for a city group project award for our extended efforts in park beautification.  Craig Hayton and Thomas Jewell indicated multiple times how much they appreciated our efforts.  Park maintenance budgets have been slashed 40%, with multiple employee layoffs and salary reductions.  They feel that our group's efforts have been incredibly helpful in allowing them to keep improving the parks despite these economic conditions.  While we did not win the award, they wanted to let us know how much we were appreciated.  Copied from an email written by the liaison Jon Harrison